Pope Francis’ Encyclical Urges Swift Action on Climate Change Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

Today in Rome, Pope Francis released his long-anticipated encyclical on climate change, fueling precisely the international conversation the Pope hoped to drive. The widespread media coverage of the 180-plus page document, Laudato Si, or Praised Be to

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Fossil Fuel-Funded Lawmakers Want to Weaken Human and Environmental Health Protections

Americans consistently support environmental safeguards by wide margins. A survey of likely 2016 voters, for instance, found that 91 percent of Americans endorse strengthening drinking water and air pollution protections, 87 percent want expanded renewable energy development,

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Amendment 1 betrayed

Editorial from the Miami Herald

Our state political leaders should be ashamed. In twisting the intent of Amendment 1, they have brazenly ignored the will of Florida voters.

But the ballot initiative, born of a wish to keep lawmakers from raiding money set aside to purchase and preserve Florida lands, was subverted and misappropriated by state legislators.

Now state environmentalists are fighting back with a lawsuit to stop this from happening next year. They deserve our support.

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10 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Energy

You’ve probably heard the term superfoods—it’s often applied to things like brown rice, spinach, yogurt, tomatoes and other healthy fare—but have you ever wondered what makes a food super? It’s about efficiency: Superfoods not only pack more nutritional punch

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6,000 Acres of Old Growth Forests Slated for Logging, the Largest Sale in Decades

Two coalitions of conservation groups filed Notices of Appeal before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week from recent district court opinions approving old growth logging in the Tongass National Forest. In one case, four groups challenged the U.S. Forest Service’s

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Don’t Be Fooled by Yesterday’s Headlines, EPA Finds Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

Republican Businessman Pledges $175 Million to Convince GOP to Act on Climate Change

Biotech Giant Found Guilty of Pesticide Contamination

Chalk up another win for the little guy. A handful of residents of Kauai’s Waimea community prevailed in court over biotech giant DuPont-Pioneer earlier this month. Citing extensive, harmful dust generated by DuPont’s seed operations, a jury awarded

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