FDA Approved: Toxic Decayed Meat Being Sold As “Fresh”

“After reading this you may never trust Congress or the FDA again, let alone corporate chain grocery stores. This toxic practice makes seriously decayed meat look fresh for weeks and is banned in many countries including the European Union and Japan.

Many consumers are unaware that over 70% of beef and chicken in the United States and Canada is treated with poisonous carbon monoxide gas and the FDA allows it, despite the known public health risks.”

The American government does not care about the citizens of this country to allow this type of illegal behavior

If you are as upset as I am – contact your Congressman and Senators and tell them to protect the public and stop placing profits over our health!!!


Capitalists should listen to Bernie Sanders

13 All-Natural Health Remedies to Cure Everyday Ailments

Calling your doctor or hightailing it to the drugstore isn’t always an option when you’re facing a malady. And realistically, not every issue requires an appointment or a visit. That’s where your pantry and medicine cabinet come to the rescue.


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4 Weekend Trips to Take Right Now

Just a short drive from Miami, the Keys—stretching from Key Largo to Key West—offer a different way to experience paradise.

Surfboards and Adirondack chairs beckon outside The Beach Café at Morada Bay.

While Miamians live where everyone else vacations, residents like to

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Vern Buchanan on Florida panther: "They face extinction"

They’re the official state animal, yet the Florida panther is one of the most endangered species on Earth, with fewer than 180 of the big cats alive today. The breeding population of Florida panthers now exists only on the southern

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Bullnose – Concrete Countertop Edge Profile – ecoSimplista.com

Eco Simplista - South Floridas leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutionsSureCrete’s counter top edge profiles are available in 50′ rolls. These edge profiles, made from extruded PVC, offer a more cost-effective solution for one-off pours. Edge Molds are the easiest and most cost-effective way to form a decorative edge profile on concrete countertops, furniture and other concrete and GFRC projects. Use these Chamfer, Eased Square, Ogee and Bullnose pieces to create detailed edge designs with all concrete counter top mix and GFRC mixes, either precast or cast in place.

These decorative edge mold form liners are easy to work with and durable enough to be used many, many times. Trim to length with a standard razor knife. Support the concrete countertop edge mold with plywood angles, standard 2×4 lumber, foam or any other rigid material. Create any shape. Perfect for forming openings for under mount sinks. Use bare or with your preferred release. Installation is easy with our custom three-quarter inch wide Pressure Sensitive Adhesive double-sided form tape. Clean with water or denatured alcohol as needed.

Whether you are looking to make a one-time concrete countertop or bathroom vanity, these edge profiles can add a great level of dimension to your custom concrete pieces. They are easy enough to work with that even in a do-it-yourself project for the weekend warrior with little to no experience, they can be used with little to no training at all. If you are a professional fabricator and looking to make multiple copies of the same piece, these PVC edge details can be re-used a number of times, keeping your production costs down to a minimum.

619 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
954 565 5900

As South Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutions, the mission of Eco Simplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will.


Commercial Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum Scrap Refining

Premium Precious Metals, Hollywood, FL

Premium Precious Metals, LLC, brings a new level of transparency and accountability along with the highest and quickest returns for commercial customers’ gold, silver, palladium, and platinum scrap precious metals.

  • The first step is accurate weight on your material.
  • The second step is to melt the material in the most state of the art solid state induction equipment to ensure minimal melt loss.
  • The third step is sampling.  Sampling and assaying are the most important parts of the precious metal process.
  • The fourth step is the assay process.  PPM uses the most state of the art XRF technology.

The four steps outlined are what we consider the optimal way to process your precious metal scrap, guaranteeing the best and most accurate bottom line anywhere in the industry.

If you are a commercial business with scrap precious metals, contact Premium Precious Metals, and know you are dealing with the best in the business. Call us today – 954-367-7513

That’s why our motto is “Never settle for less”.

Premium Precious Metals, LLC
3000 Stirling Road, Suite 104, Hollywood, Florida. 33021