Motorola TX32- BSR 64000 Decoupled Downstream Module

The Motorola TX32 allows cable operators to significantly increase “protected” downstream capacity while fundamentally changing the economics associated with ultra-broadband triple-play services. The TX32 is easily deployed into existing headends to support DOCSIS 3.0 I-CMTS architectures that enable flexible scaling of downstream bandwidth to support ultra-broadband services.

Cable operators can leverage the high bandwidth gains provided by channel bonding technologies to provide ultra-broadband services to residential and commercial subscribers. Cable operators can bond up to four physical channels today to offer ultra-broadband services to successfully compete with telcos and satellite providers. Motorola will increase the number of downstream channels per bonding group from 4 to 32 in a future software release. Motorola’s downstream channel bonding solution can deliver over 145 Mbps to a single DOCSIS cable modem and over 200 Mbps to a single EuroDOCSIS cable modem.

• Provides significantly increased downstream capacity and drastically reduces per-subscriber and channel costs
• Efficient power and space utilization enables flexible scaling of high-speed downstream broadband services
• Includes the 4QRM, the industry’s lowest-power, highest-density upconverter that combines the functions of QAM modulation and RF upconversion for four channels in a single module

Motorola TX32- BSR 64000 Decoupled Downstream Module

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