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South Florida
Website Marketing

Lee Smith
Smitty's Holdings, Inc.
4611 South University Drive #440
Davie, Florida 33328

Phone: (954) 423-2785
E-mail: Web Site Marketing

South Florida Website Marketing and Professional Web Design

Smitty's Services:

Owning a website is part of doing business now. Getting the web site built to reflect you company's products and services can be very challenging. The biggest issue every company is faced is how to get your website, products and services listed in the search engines so people can find you and buy from you.  That is where we come in.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide you the stepping stones to a successful web presence. Our goal is to drive focused traffic to your website. 

  • South Florida Web Site Marketing
  • South Florida Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submissions for South Florida Businesses wishing to be found
  • Pay Per Click campaigns for Google and Yahoo for guaranteed Search Engine placement
  • Link Research -  to locate more qualified business related links
  • Web Site Traffic Research and Log Analysis
  • Web Site Consulting for Marketing and Evaluation

Search Engine Marketing by Radical Webs

You can calll on us to find out how we can help market your web site - (954) 423-2785


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