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South Florida Website Marketing & Web Design

Lee Smith
Search Engine Marketing Architect
and Web Designer

Davie, FL 33328

Phone: (954) 423-2785
Web site:
E-mail: Contact Page

Smitty's Search Engine Marketing and Web Design

Smitty's Website Marketing Services:

Having a web site created is just the beginning of developing an Internet presence. The main goal of any web site is to get your message across, whether it is for a product, service or idea. Getting it all together can very challenging. Our experience, knowledge and keen marketing abilities can provide you with a blue print to a successful web presence. Selecting the correct things to say, how to layout a web page and what to market can drive web traffic to your web site that will result in new business revenues.

An overview of own South Florida Search Engine Marketing & Web Design services:

  • South Florida Website Marketing
  • South Florida Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submissions for South Florida Businesses
  • Pay Per Click campaigns for Google and Yahoo
  • We locate qualified business related sites to link to your web site
  • Conducting Web Site Traffic Research
  • Analysis web traffic stats
  • Providing web site consulting for marketing and analysis
  • Professional Web Design Services, including graphics design
  • Web site development for blogs, news articles, message boards, contact forms and more
  • eCommerce Solutions and Consultations     Yahoo Search Search Engine Verizon

You can call on us to find out how we can help market your web site - (954) 423-2785

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